IT Projects


Large ‘Technical Migration’ Program of 100+ applications are migrated from Legacy systems to Contemporary .Net Applications with large no of enhancements. 

These applications covered Policy Administration, Premium Generation, Reconciliation, Regulatory, Data Analysis & Integration, Property & Causality. User Interfaces were transformed to accommodate and utilize the features of new enterprise-wide environment in terms of data restructure and to fulfil the new requirement of the Users across the nation. Enhancements also include bundling the new interfaces on mobile devices like tablets, smart phones with active interaction with Cloud team. 

Overall development methodology was Waterfall. Implementation methodology is more of Iterative. Implementation was divided into Auto and Special Line (SL) coverages. Auto covers only four wheelers, SL covers Motorcycle, Boats, RVS, Snow mobile, Travel Trailers and Motorboats etc.

Ace Hardware

Huge Program of Migration, Redesigning and Enhancing the features of web portals for Retail & Merchandise / E-Commerce (Digital) and ERP sections. This mainly included UI from Legacy applications to J2EE and Visual Basic. 

Few applications were migrated to new contemporary .Net technologies from VB and Legacy systems. Few new applications were added. The methodology followed was a combination of Agile, Lean and Waterfall methods. Scope included for 26 applications. Some of the applications were implemented on mobile devices like IPADs and Android tablets. These applications were using the Web services IE, Chrome. The applications were of financial planning, accounting, receivables, billing & customer service, Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, Order Processing, Supplier Management, Data Analysis & Integration, Sales Systems.

Conseco Insurance

Large system life-cycle project in multi-layer environment. Development of portals using web services.

Portals were to administer the Insurance policies, Premiums and build policy histories and MIS application viz., Financial Accounting systems. Some of the portals focused on Health care products and personal Health Insurances, Medicare, Medicaid Claims Processing, Billing, EDI and Customer service. This system provided interfaces to VoIP modules. VoIP have text to voice conversion features.  They also included e-commerce applications involving financial transactions.