IT Services

Cyber Security

Know and mitigate your system vulnerabilities to protect mission-critical assets. By merging cybersecurity and physical security management together, Avid Consulting better protects your network infrastructure and increases overall defense against internal and external threats. We do more than protect your data—we focus on business protection. Technology can go a long way to protecting your data yet policies and procedures around access, securing data, and dealing with breaches must be a part of a comprehensive cybersecurity plan.

Our approach to security is built around the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Security Framework, which guides security activities and helps assure that cybersecurity risks are part of a company’s risk management processes. Our services encompass:

  • Identifying assets (data) that need protection
  • Protecting your assets
  • Detecting incidents
  • Responding with incident and breach actions
  • Recovering from an incident

Document Management Systems

Optimize business processes and ensure regulatory compliance with Document Management Systems that integrate technologies across your enterprise. At Avid Consulting, we design the infrastructure for document management and imaging systems that ensure regulatory compliance while streamlining workflow and expenses. We partner with leading specialists around the globe to deliver comprehensive, scalable solutions that save time and money and drive productivity for clients in even the most document-intense fields. Our staff is experienced in  Digitization of paper documents, organizing file structures through software tools like Opentext, Stellent, documentum, Kahua and others Storage requirements and optimization including hardware can be provided by our team.  

Staff Augmentation Services

Manage, monitor and maximize the day-to-day efficiency and operations of your technology infrastructure. Avid Consulting deliver ongoing upkeep and service with a personal, onsite touch. Our experts physically sit at municipalities to serve as an extension of your team. We’re there to ensure your systems are operating at full throttle, driving and supporting your organization. Finding the right people can be costly and challenging, Avid Consulting can staff your technology facilities full or part time with qualified professionals, certified on the platform, and deliver real-time, secure, remote support 24/7/365 to reduce overhead and optimize productivity and performance. 

Fiber Design and Distribution

Avid Consulting has the partners, engineers and service teams to build, optimize and monitor the perfect-fit fiber solution your organization needs to thrive. We also work with quality VoIP providers and have best in class engineers to implement a high-performing solution meeting your business needs.

Hardware Installation and Maintenance

Keep your IT running smoothly with proactive and dedicated hardware and maintenance solutions from Avid Consulting. A well-designed computer network will help minimize computer and network problems that can negatively impact productivity. Like a tuned-up engine, all components of your network must work optimally and together. We have the knowledge and expertise to build your IT network with the right parts, maintain it as well as ensure it is scalable enough to grow with your business.

Interoperable Network and Communication Systems

Transform your day-to-day operations with upgraded interoperable network infrastructure systems. For many organizations, full-scale interoperability is a daunting project to take on, but, with Avid Consulting as your partner, you can confidently achieve the agility of interoperability. We take a structured approach to interoperable technology solutions delivery to mitigate the challenges often associated with migrating and supporting new operations. Furthermore, we strive to design a seamless course of implementation that allows your systems to continue to run while they are being upgraded, consolidated or converted.

Standard telephones in the workplace are quickly being replaced by telephony—computer hardware and software systems that function as phones but provide additional services such as Internet calling, mobile communication, faxing, voicemail and video conferencing. We offer a host of telephony services to keep your business connected at all times. The future of telephony lies with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which allows you to use the Internet to make and receive calls. Although most consumer VoIP services use the public Internet, many small businesses are using VoIP on private networks, which provide stronger security and service quality. By using an IP-based phone system on your small business VoIP network, you’ll keep your data and voice secure and be able to access all the information you need, whenever you need it.

Network Services

Maximize network availability and reliability. Avid Consulting’s Network Services team assesses, designs and manages flexible, secure high-performance network systems for clients of all sizes and industries. Our creative, personalized approach ensures your organization is supported with reliable network continuity and availability, all while protected from unforeseen downtime. Don’t risk downtime, trust Avid Consulting to guide your organization to the strategic, cost-effective network design and management solutions that work for you.

Your computer network is the backbone of your operation. It needs to be reliable, secure and manageable. Networking design and configuration services from Avid Consulting can help you upgrade an existing network or design and install a new one.

Networking design and configuration starts with understanding your short- and long-term business plans. Once we understand how your business needs to operate, we help you choose and configure the type and number of computers, servers and devices you’ll need to accomplish your goals. We can suggest the appropriate equipment such as switches, routers, firewalls and more. Our custom networking design and configuration plan will be designed and implemented to support your business plan and budget. You should experience marked improvements on your bottom line once your IT network is configured to meet your business objectives.

Our professional networking design and configuration services ensure your network processes data as fast and efficiently as possible. We also assess whether you have the right level of security in place. Avid Consulting certified technicians can help you identify the data you most need to protect, and then help you deploy the appropriate systems to ensure it stays safe. Bottom line…we design high-performance networks to help you efficiently run and grow your business.

Drive innovation through collaboration. Our design and engineering specialists are your partners for an optimized network experience. From defining the challenges and requirements to designing, planning and building a solution, Avid Consulting works directly with your team to ensure every facet serves your current and future needs. Equipped with expansive industry expertise and a deep understanding of your unique goals and challenges, our teams leverage creativity and proven models and strategies to collaborate on, create and document innovative integrated technology systems designed to perform and evolve.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

People, policy and procedures are the three buckets that drive business success. They can also be its downfall. A business continuity plan formalizes your company’s IT policies, procedures and precautions to minimize downtime should the worst happen. It’s basically risk management in action on a daily basis. You are managing potential risks that could impair or jeopardize your business IT. What are those risks? They can be anything from viruses or equipment failure to fire, hurricane or other natural disaster. More often than not, they fall into the camp of human error. Avid Consulting assesses your business infrastructure, operations and environment to develop and deploy a business continuity plan tailored to your company.

Total Lifecycle Project Management

Equip your organization with the strategies and tools it needs to grow and thrive without worry or extra work. Avid Consulting’s Total Life Cycle Project Management™ approach directly addresses every element and stage of the project lifecycle. From scope and schedule, through procurement and costs, Avid Consulting is your dedicated partner and guide. Our comprehensive approach to project management defines key lifecycle phases as:

1. Analyze and Propose
2. Verify and Specify
3. Finalize and Confirm
4. Execute, Monitor, and Control
5. Commission, Evaluate, and Discharge

We are proud to provide our partners with our expertise, diligence, communication and proactive problem-solving through every stage of the project lifecycle, and serve as a true and trusted partner in advisory and technology services.

Project Management Services

Network and Security Audit

As a managed IT services provider, our priority is to deliver the highly available, secure and flexible IT systems you need to compete in the marketplace, and cybersecurity is part of that promise. We start by assessing your environment from a security perspective and can perform the following types of assessments, based on your business:

  • Network Assessment
  • System Assessment
  • Cybersecurity Assessment
  • HIPAA Assessment
  • PCI/DSS Assessment

At Avid Consulting we remove the day-to-day complexity of securing your company, employee, financial, and customer information so you can get back to what you’re passionate about—your business.

System Integration